What is SignUpNow training?

SignUpNow training is a resource for individuals and organizations that work one-on-one with Medicaid, FAMIS or Plan First applicants. It also provides guidance for those who want to learn how to help families enroll in state-sponsored health insurance programs through Medicaid or FAMIS.

This program serves as the training and technical assistance arm of the Virginia Health Care Foundation’s outreach and enrollment initiative. SignUpNow gets funding through a contract with the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services to provide materials, publications and workshops. The training is provided at no-cost to those who sign up.

The training includes an overview of the Medicaid, FAMIS and Plan First programs. It covers:

  • Current topics
  • Program changes
  • Eligibility
  • Application assistance

All participants get a community ToolKit that includes forms, brochures, fact sheets, step-by-step instructions and a list of resources.

To learn more or sign up for a training: SignUpNow

To get the SignUpNow Tool Kit: SignUpNow - ToolKit