Update your Information

Report a change in contact information

Virginia and other states will soon start to review Medicaid members’ health coverage. We need Medicaid members’ most up-to-date mailing address and phone number to make sure you get important information about your coverage. Members can make updates:

  1. Online at commonhelp.virginia.gov
  2. By calling Cover Virginia at 833-5CALLVA (TTY: 1-888-221-1590)
  3. By calling your local department of social services (DSS)

How to create an account at Common Help:

  1. Go to commonhelp.virginia.gov. 
  2. Click “Check my benefits.”
  3. To link your case to your Common Help account, you will need your case number and your member ID number. These numbers are on the front of the paper renewal form that came in the mail. You can also call your local DSS and ask for the two numbers. 

How else can members stay up-to-date with Virginia Medicaid news?

  • Watch for and respond quickly to notices in the mail from Virginia Medicaid
  • Sign up for email and text updates,
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Visit Return to Normal Enrollment for more information about the upcoming review and renewal of members’ Medicaid coverage and for resources for stakeholders and advocates.

Apply for coverage for a family member

To apply for coverage for a family member who is not now enrolled, go to Apply.


Call us at 833-5CALLVA (TTY: 1-888-221-1590).