Your right to appeal

You have the right to appeal any action that denies, reduces, or terminates (ends) Medicaid or FAMIS coverage.

An impartial representative will review the appeal. They will decide if your request for coverage should be approved based on the laws and policies that apply. You will get a decision in writing. You may appeal DMAS Appeals Division decisions to court for review of the record.

Ways to ask DMAS for an appeal

Laptop Icon 1. Online at 
Email Icon

2. Email to

Phone Icon

3. Call 804-371-8488 (TTY: 1-800-828-1120)

Fax to 804-452-5454

In Person Icon

4. Mail or in person to:

Appeals Division
Department of Medical Assistance Services
600 E. Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219


You can find a DMAS appeal form at

You can also write your own letter. Include a full copy of your notice of action and any documents you want DMAS to review during your appeal.

If you have questions about an appeal, call the DMAS Appeals Division at 804-371-8488

For technical help, call the AIMS Help Desk at 804-486-2865.